Lab News

May 2022: Congratulations to Nicole Wang for winning a Governor General’s Gold Medal Award for the highest academic achievements for a MSc student at UBC. Congratulations to Sarzana Hossain for winning a UBC Four Year Fellowship (4YF) to support her PhD work! The Lab welcomes summer students Aileen Liman, Apsara Srinivas, and Youqing Lou!

March 2022: The Haney Lab welcomes technician Manisha Dosanjh!

January 2022: The Haney Lab welcomes undergraduate student Jayni Chang and postdoctoral fellow Dr. Melissa Chen! Congratulations to Nicole Wang for starting a job as a Research Scientist at Nyoka Design Labs!

October 2021: Congratulations to Nicole Wang for successfully completing her MSc defence, and to Siyu Song for passing her comprehensive exam!

September 2021: Congratulations to Dr. Yi Song for starting the Yi lab as an Assistant Professor at SUSTech in Shenzhen, China! The Haney Lab welcomes undergraduate student Maya Tselios!

August 2021: The Haney Lab welcomes postdoctoral fellow Dr. Zayda Morales Moreira!

July 2021: Congratulations to Dr. Cara Haney for her promotion to Associate Professor! The Haney Lab moves to the Life Sciences Institute (LSI)

April 2021: Congratulations to Daniela Yanez for successfully defending her Honours Thesis and to Daniela and Lauren Walgren for completing their B.Sc. degrees at UBC! The Haney Lab welcomes new summer student Annika Briggs.

March 2021: Congratulations to Jessie Zhang for successfully completing her Master’s defence and starting a new job at Stem Cell!

February 2021: The Haney Lab welcomes Dr. Suresh Varsani, a Postdoctoral Fellow who will be co-supervised with Dr. Juli Carrillo.

January 2021: The Haney Lab welcomes Sarzana Hossain as Lab Manager, and Undergraduate Student Kitty Martens!

September 2020: The Lab welcomes Undergraduate Student Flipos Tadese!

May 2020: Congratulations to Nicole Wang for receiving an NSERC-CGS M Award, to Yang Liu for passing her comprehensive exam and to Cara Haney for receiving the Cystic Fibrosis Canada Early Career Investigator Award!

April 2020: Congratulations to Frank Liu for successfully completing his Master’s defence and Andrew Wilson for completion of his BSc in Microbiology and Immunology!

March 2020: Congratulation to David Thoms for receiving a 3 year postdoctoral fellowship from the National Science Foundation! The Haney Lab also welcomes PhD student Siyu Song!

December 2019: Congratulations to Dr. Quentin Geissmann for receiving an MSL Kickstarter award with Alexandra Sebastien!

July 2019: Welcome to postdoctoral fellow Dr. David Thoms and MSc student Nicole Wang!

April 2019: Congratulations to Dr. Quentin Geissmann for receiving a 3 year postdoctoral fellowship from Human Frontiers Science Program and Christina Wiesmann for receiving an NSERC-CGS D Doctoral Award and Jessie Zhang for receiving a NSERC-CGS M Award!

January 2019: The Haney Lab welcomes co-op student Andrew Wilson and says goodbye to Polina Beskrovnaya, who will start her PhD in the Lab of new UBC Assistant Professor Dr. Elitza Tocheva! The Haney Lab received a Seeding Food Innovation grant with Dr. Juli Carrillo from George Weston Ltd.

October 2018: The first Haney Lab paper with grad students Frank Liu and Polina Beskrovnaya was accepted for publication in mBio. Read the news release hereThe Haney Lab welcomes Postdoctoral Fellow Quentin Geissmann who will work jointly with the Carrillo lab to study plant-microbiome-insect interactions.

July 2018: NSERC CREATE training grant (PRoTECT) on plant-microbe interactions is funded!  Contact Dr. Haney if you are interested pursuing a MSc or PhD in plant-microbe interactions! The Haney Lab welcomes MSc Student Jessie Zhang!  Check out Haney Lab summer student Derrick Chong‘s quote in Science Magazine on how outside interests (and his love for gardening) improve his ability to do science.

June 2018: Congratulations to Polina Beskrovnaya for receiving a UBC Four Year Fellowship (4YF) for her PhD research.

May 2018: The Haney Lab welcomes Co-op student Derrick Chong! Congratulations to Polina Beskrovnaya and Sarzana Hossain for receiving their B.S. degrees! Polina will continue as a PhD student at UBC, and Sarzana will move to U of Toronto for a MSc.

April 2018: Congratulations to Frank Liu for receiving a CGS-M NSERC award.

January 2018: Congratulations to Yi Song for receiving an MSL Kickstarter award with Xin Li and Ryan Melnyk for receiving an MSL Kickstarter award with David Ng

October 2017: The Haney Lab Welcomes Postdoctoral Fellow Yi Song!

August 2017: Congratulations to Postdoctoral Fellow Ryan Melnyk for receiving a Life Sciences Research Foundation postdoctoral Fellowship from the Simons Foundation!

May 2017: The Haney Lab welcomes UBC undergrad Sarzana Hossain. Congratulations to Zexian (Frank) Liu for finishing his B.Sc. degree in Microbiology with Honours!

January 2017: The Haney Lab welcomes PhD student Christina Wiesmann and AAS Intern Kristy Dockstader.

November 2016: Dr. Haney was awarded a Canada Research Chair in Plant Microbiome Interactions

September 2016: The Haney Lab welcomes Lab Manager Joël Richard, visiting PhD student Kishore Vishwanathan and postdoctoral fellow Ryan Melnyk

Sept 2016: Haney Lab at ASM Beneficial Microbes with posters by Polina Beskrovnaya, Frank Liu, and Christina Wiesmann.

May 2016: The Plant Microbiome and Dr. Haney featured in BioScience

May 2016: The Haney Lab welcomes UBC Microbiology undergrads Polina Beskrovnaya, Frank Liu, and Gloria Han.

March 2016: The Plant Microbiome and Dr. Haney featured on the cover of Microbe Magazine

February 2016: The Haney Lab starts at UBC