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JUNE 23rd, 2022

M&I Research Day!

JUNE 4th, 2022

Seeds of Knowledge at the Saturday Farmers’ Market!

Showcasing our work at the UBC farm!

From left to right:
1-Zayda, Annika, Corri, Siyu
2- Yang, Kitty, Jayni


Haney Lab Meeting

Staying connected even when we’re all working remotely!

From left to right:
1-Yi, Cara, Yang, Kitty
2-Suresh, Jessie, Siyu, Lauren
3-Lucia, Quentin, David, Frank
4-Flipos, Christina, Daniela, Nicole

Diversity and Inclusion Lab Posters

Feel free to download, display, and share these “In this lab…” posters but before you do, please commit to the following pledge (from

Thank you for showing your support for racial justice, diversity, and inclusion in your lab! Rather than charging for these posters, I am asking you to make a commitment to continuous allyship for marginalized and underrepresented communities if you print and display this poster in your lab.

This means, at a minimum:

  • Educating yourself about racial justice and systemic discrimination against marginalized communities.
  • Listening to and uplifting voices from these communities even when they challenge your assumptions and make you uncomfortable.
  • Speaking out and pushing for change when you see microaggressions or institutional policies that disadvantage these communities, both within your lab and within the larger campus community (from staff and low-wage workers to students and faculty).
  • Making space and time for trainees to heal, take care of their communities, or fight for justice, and continuing to provide financial, career, and other support while they do so (if you think this is not possible at your institution, see the point above).
  • Donating, when you have the means, to organizations that promote the success and well-being of marginalized communities in STEM or in the larger community. Examples include (but are not limited to):
    1. Fellowship for the Future by 500 Women Scientists
    2. Black Girls Code
    3. SACNAS

If you share this poster with others, I ask that you share this link, rather than sharing the files or directly linking the poster, to ensure that anyone who displays this poster in their lab understands what it really means. If you’ve made a modified version for your model organism, please share this pledge along with your version of the poster.

If you commit to these actions, click the posters to download them.


#TeamClimateChange in the field

(Left to right, Daniela Yanez, Yi Song, Lauren Walgren, Nicole Wang)

JULY 2019

1st Annual Haney Lab camping trip to EC Manning Park 

Back row (left to right): David Thoms, Jessie Zhang, Yi Song, Andrew Wilson, Quentin Geissmann

Front row (left to right): Yang Liu, Daniela Yanez, Christina Wiesmann, Lauren Walgren, Cara Haney


Haney Lab 

(Left to Right) Derrick Chong, Christina Weismann, Yi Song, Cara Haney, Frank Liu, Jessie Zhang, Sarzana Hossain

The Haney Lab “Arabidopsis” Field Site


Microbiology & Immunology Department Holiday Party  

APRIL 2017

Lab coat tie-dying

From left to right: Gloria, Cara, Polina, Ryan, Frank, Christina, Joël, & Kristy